Monday, March 30, 2015

Ted Cruz And Company

Well, I guess Ted Cruz is going to be the next president.  He is, after all, the only one running.  Sounds like the board for our coop  --  three vacancies needed filling  --  three people accepted their nominations.  I hope nobody bothered to go vote.  The results were a "no brainer".

The heir apparent to the Democratic nomination just can't quite make up her mind.  To be a grandmother, or to be a president?  To dote on children, or to take a job?  Most of us can do both, but then she is called American Royalty these days.  Don't Royals have all kinds of people to wait on them hand and foot?

Don't get me wrong!  I think it's way past time for a woman president  --  generations past.  I also think she's the most qualified woman at this time.  She's highly educated, experienced in international affairs, and just plain smart.  She's even experienced dealing with Republican character assassination.  I wish she'd declare and get on with it before she gets on my last nerve.  So what's with this prima donna thing?  Well, who would want to climb into the ring with all those snorting, stamping bulls  --  or bull s'ers?

She's waited so long now, that the unknowns (to most of us) are beginning to think they have a chance.  And Vice President Biden is flirting with the idea, but he stands politely in the wings waiting for the cue to be or not to be.

In the meantime, Cruz is cruising around collecting up all the donor dollars.  This Latino white boy, born in Canada, is just sure he's the one.  He even starred in the remake of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.  Wasn't that sweet when he took time out to read a bedtime story to his kids?  If the heir apparent runs and wins, maybe Chelsea can call on him to babysit sometimes. 

Our media experts can't wait for the show to begin.  George Stephanopoulis of This Week exudes an excitement over the race that energizes members of all parties.  Then, on election night as the results come in, Scott Pelly of CBS is always at his best. 

It's a "great time" of the season and its time has come.  Let's get those hats in the ring now and get those cards and letters (with donor dollars) coming in . . . and let the games begin.  I need more fodder for my blogs.  I'm running out of metaphors I can mix and clich├ęs to use for fillers.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What America Needs

We Americans have a saying we use when we are attempting to describe the most corrupt individuals around  -- "He's the kind who would steal from his own mother."  Yep, we have some of those around.  They are in all walks of life and all races, creeds and levels of society.  They are rich, poor, tall, short, male, female, whatever.

They are prevalent at the car repair level.  I reach a state of despair over them even finding supposedly diagnosable things wrong that the diagnostic tests do not uncover.  I realize they may not be quite the most amoral individuals around.  They are certainly near the top.  The American politician, though, may be just a little worse than even the mechanics and the home repair individuals.

We've had cheating, thieving liars among politicians for so long that movies portray country, porky, cigar smokin', small-town southern hicks as a typical front runner in elections or even as managers of small towns.  We've been trained to think they are funny and to view them with an "aw shucks, aren't they cute?" attitude.  They are not limited to a small-town mayor or sheriff level.  Such individuals are rife at the federal level as well. But they are in disguise, wearing three-piece suits and acting all sophisticated and respectable.  "The better to take advantage of you that way, my dears."

What America needs is to recognize liars, cheats and a mother's bad sons for what they really are  --  liars, cheats and bad sons (or daughters).  In fact, it is imperative that the American public learn what these people are to the core of themselves.  They are the bad apples that spoil the whole bunch and we need to throw out the bad ones so we can save whatever goodness of our country still exists.  That good is becoming sparse.

Will the media please do this for the good of everybody before America becomes completely reprehensible?  Will you please sideline all partisan politics?  Will you start pointing out all of our liars , cheats and thieves, instead of presenting our news in a he said/she said bipartisan manner.  Please show us what they say and compare it with what they do.  There are dishonest politicians (and dishonest people who put them into office) on both sides of the aisle and in all the branches of government.  Please expose them all to our voting public before our next election.  If you don't do this soon, we have only our country to lose.