Friday, August 2, 2013

Chicken-Fried Attitudes

"Right now Americans want a kind of chicken-fried, good-old-boy fascist government that's safe for business and the wealthy and dangerous to women and children . . .".  Garth Frederickson, brother of Mongo, characters in Dream of a Falling Angel by George C. Chesbro, copyright, 1996.

When stated this way, what a scary thought!  But, leaving out the word fascist, it isn't all that unlike what we have today.  Our conservative congressmen are behaving like members of a good-old-boy cult.

Chicken-fried is somewhat descriptive of the southern influence.  That's sure alive, well and going strong, isn't it?

Fascist, I believe is probably too harsh.  Granted, we have an element of militants who behave like fascists, but the bulk of the country does not.  Does it?

The powers that be are trying to make a nation that's safe for business and the wealthy, and if we had a Republican Senate and Administration in addition to a Republican House of Representatives, the lower 99 per cent of us would already be toast.  We're certainly too close to the burning coils now.

You have heard the cries of wrath from women over the way Congress is treating their needs.  And, of course, there are continual threats to cut funding for children's education as well as the trend for them to send the schooling of our flocks back down to the less competent at local levels.

We've made more progress on racism than on respect for women.  I'd like to, with no disrespect meant to our current President, point out that the American public, from votes in the primaries, showed themselves more willing to support an African American male for President than, God forbid, a woman of any race.

Then, the very likeable little Pope Francis, in his eighty minute meet with the press, accepted homosexual priests and church members into the church fold by inquiring who was he to judge.  But when questioned about women in the priesthood, said no, the church had spoken.  Well, most of us thought the church had spoken about homosexuality, also, but he changed that in a heartbeat.

So, as stated, it seems ladies and gentlemen, that we have "come a long way baby" on racism and homosexuality.  But we still have tall mountains to climb concerning women and their children.  I wonder if some day we might have an African American woman president.  That would be the day, wouldn't it?

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