Sunday, June 17, 2012

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JoeDan, my comments concerning the Family Values party were not related to abortion only.  My blog, Trickle Down Politics, is mostly based on what is currently happening in the political world.  For background information, I read Time, Newsweek, the AARP publications and listen to 1 1/2 to 2 hours of news daily.  I also watch "This Week" on ABC each Sunday.  I consult books such as encyclopedias and use on-line search engines.  At the time that I published the articles in question, "Et Tu, Democrats" and "Spare Us the Radical Religious Right", there was much in the media concerning Rick Santorum and his quite extreme right-winged political views.  Although I respect his right to live how he wants and even state what he thinks, he was running for President of the United States and talking of changing laws so that all Americans would have to live by his radical point of view.  He was attacking birth control as a sin, abortion as a crime, and same-sex relationships in general.  That motor-mouth/small brain Rush Limbaugh was calling a perfectly lovely woman a whore and prostitute because she wanted her birth control pills covered, too, if every other woman's was to be covered. 

Frankly, I have a little trouble understanding why the birth control pills, etc., were to be covered by insurance anyway, but see no reason why women should have to pay for their own just because they work for Catholic institutions.  If one woman gets help, they should all get help.  As you might surmise at this point, I am not a Catholic. 

I hope that you will go to the library and look up past issues of the two newsmagazines mentioned above.  They cover both topics extremely well.  There is one quite long article concerning the Santorum campaign and his point of  view. 

With respect to "you and your friends" and the fact you don't want to pay for abortions and other women's issues, I would ask you to think how you would feel if women did not want to pay for a prostate exam or surgery if you ever needed one.  That is a man's issue. 

As for why I have something against Christians, I didn't know I did.  I will be seventy-four years old on July 29 of this year.  I have been a Christian since I was nine.  I even write devotional essays which are based on a combination of Christian beliefs and my own view of the world. 

If you will reread the title, "Spare Us the Radical Religious Right" again, you may understand that it is radical religious views to which I object.  I also reject the idea that someone else's religious views should be imposed on all Americans.  That is why I began the article with the Muslim example.  If one religion can go into office and impose their beliefs on us all, other religions can expect to do the same.  We are constitutionally protected against that possibility.

Lou Hough

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