Tuesday, July 16, 2013

All Hail Malala!

May her words be heard to the ends of the earth and ring through all nations that we may find in any galaxies elsewhere.

What is wrong with Taliban and radical teachings today has been wrong since Biblical times.  For example, they did not count women and children when Jesus fed the multitudes with loaves and fishes (Luke 9:12-14). 

Webster's dictionary defines the word chattel ". . . any article of tangible property besides land, buildings . . . a slave."  In many lands, for many cultures, women have been treated as men's belongings.  It's no wonder men, including western guys of yore, are so reluctant for women to become educated.  Once they learn their capabilities, they will no longer allow themselves to be treated as chattel, as slaves.  They will "stand up and be counted."

In the movie, Syriana, the costuming, alone, shows a distinction.  Keeping in mind the Hollywood white hat/black hat view from the past, take a gander at the men decked out in blazing white while women swelter in black from head to toe.

American men, you've come a distance from middle Eastern style thinking, but the roots are still there.  When considering any of women's issues, take note of how hard the Taliban and other radicals fight to keep women in their "place."  That was your culture, your roots, in another time and environment.  And may the good Lord help us, you fight desperately to hold onto the idea that we are yours to control today.

Malala speaks to the real needs of women in the Middle East in this age.  She almost lost her life for wanting to earn an education.  It was, to these monsters, worth risking their immortal souls to stop her from being schooled and from finding her true capability and worth.  Don't you know those men are terrified of women finding that they are equal to them?   (Gentlemen, if you experienced the slightest rebellion against the idea we are your equals, I am speaking to you.)

Apparently the Almighty is ready for these oppressed Middle Eastern women to find their valid place in society at last.

Malala has risen from brain injury and near death like a phoenix from the ashes.  She speaks louder and stronger than ever.  All hail Malala.

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