Thursday, August 22, 2013

Roll Up Your Sleeves

This evening on the local news, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver was working with local charities who are trying to deal with Sequestration. 

One lady, trying to help unwed mothers, said that when Sequestration began in March, her charity lost six beds.  That's six beds where teenage mothers could be sleeping.  That's six or more babies that would be getting a good hand up (or we might say out) into this world. 

It's hard to understand the true goals of conservative politicians these days.  On the one hand they encourage -- actually want to control by new laws -- pregnant women to carry their babies to full term.  On the other hand, they don't want to pay anything to help see that they are able to do so. 

Let's hope when these congressmen get through vacationing this summer, that they will get back to the drawing board.  Let's hope they roll up their sleeves and work out some useable plans that will trim waste without abandoning good sense.

Some days these people remind me of a family that heeds the recommendation of some rich financial guru and cuts up all their credit cards.  They plunk every dollar they get their hands on paying off their debts. Then when their children get sick, they have no way to pay a doctor or buy medicine.  Where's the good sense in austerity for the sake of austerity?  People need to think about what they are doing.  And we need to tell our congressmen that we expect them to do the jobs we sent them there to do, not drive the country into the ground with ridiculous cuts.

And, may the good Lord grant that they will quit playing politics with our country's future.

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