Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oh Sigh, Syria

We, the people of the United States, were taught that we are, or at least soar, like eagles.  After that lesson, most of us have the good sense not to want to be a preying hawk or a passive dove.  We would prefer to fly above the fray.

Syria, both the rebels and the controlling officers, are watching our country to see which figurative bird will prevail.  They don't think we are eagles.  They are laughing at us.  I've already said to the rebels of the Middle East, or anywhere else, that it is not America's job to police the world.  So, if you decide to rebel against your governments, you need to prepare a structured plan which will give you at least a half chance to win.  It is not okay for Syria, Egypt, Yemen or wherever to make an impulsive jump into war and expect the world community to rescue -- bail them out.  You knew your leaders had chemical weapons and that they had no scruples against using them.  You should have thought of that and planned a coping strategy before acting.

President Assad, I believe it would behoove you to quit bragging.  Our president here in the United States has been dealing for several years with an obstructionist House of Representatives.  The majority of that House in Congress is Republican.  They never cease, even despite much American disapproval, to try to get back the presidency for their party.  So, they act like dissonant members and obstructionists with the hope the public will think the President is at fault.  Right now those dissonant Congressmen are engaging in their usual bluster about whether the president is right or wrong and whether he is planning to authorize too much or too little.  But if you continue to say that our government blinked because we were afraid of your military, you are probably going to cause the United States Congress to coalesce, at least on this one issue.  Remember the remark of the Japanese leader at the start of World War II.  He said he was afraid he had just awakened the sleeping giant.  He had.  Also, as close as you are to Iraq, have you not witnessed the results of a U. S. Shock and Awe campaign?  Do you want the hawks to call for one on your turf?

It's possible, I suppose, that you do have a better military than most of the world believes.  But most of the world doubts it.  So, if you cannot back bluster with might, it is best to get and stay quiet.

World Community, especially Great Britain, is it or is it not moral to use chemical weapons on anyone, especially one's own people?  If it is wrong, what should the world do about it?  Should we fight it or watch it?  What is your moral evaluation and are you willing to stand behind your principles?  Or are you, also, waiting for the United States to back your beliefs? 

To our Congress, this is a time to set aside politics and make a decision based on morals.  Is it right or wrong to use chemical weapons?  On your own people?  Is it the world's responsibility to police it?  Should we lead a police effort?  Should we even participate in a police effort?

Messieurs McCain and Graham, please do not vote against the plan because it is too little, too late.  Make it a yes or no vote on the proposed plan.  The good Lord knows it will probably become more than planned anyway.  It always does.

No games gentlemen.  Please pray people.  Please base your votes on moral choices, not just on the use of chemical weapons, but also on our responsibility for and business to interfere in another country's war.

Yes, Mr. President, we believe you did have the power to launch that attack.  But, thank you for not exercising it without the vote of Congress.

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