Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Finger Pointing

"More finger pointing," was the comment of a local news anchor as they cut away from the President's words concerning our partial government shutdown.  Hard to determine which party does it the most.  Each side of every issue wants the other side to take the blame, especially at election time.

Since the era of Watergate, at least, the Republicans have spent so much time trying to win the next elections, that they don't have time to accomplish anything worthwhile.  But that doesn't leave the Democrats free of responsibility for the gridlock.  Currently neither party, as well as Libertarians and Tea Partiers, has the vaguest idea how to work together to get things done.  They have no team ethic.  Everyone acts like the player who wants to hog the ball so that he can become the best known team member.  At the risk of being redundant, they all act like preschoolers who still need to learn socialization skills.  At the risk of being redundant twice, I would suggest that both parties concentrate on putting more Americans back to work instead of obstructing each other's efforts. 

Let us think about what job growth would accomplish besides the obvious desired effect.  Take Social Security, for instance.  If there were plenty of jobs for everyone who needed work, there would be much more revenue for Social Security.  With this abundance of jobs would be more individuals buying their own insurance.  More people could afford to buy their own food.

Thus, as you can surmise, working Americans would mean less individuals on Medicaid.  Also there would be less people qualifying for food stamps.  There would be more people off the streets into work rooms, thus ending with less crime.  Less crime would mean less tax payer expense for jails and prisons.  On top of this, the Stock Market would be less volatile. 

But, after the first few efforts to save the banks and car companies, as well as create a handful of specialized jobs, how much effort has Congress made to put America back to work?  Mostly they have quibbled about not taxing the rich and corporations so they will create jobs that they seem reluctant to create anyway.  Some of the business owners say the behavior of Congress makes them fear the risk.

Well, Tea Partiers, you've now upset the other Republicans in Congress.  You've put more Americans out of work at least temporarily.  You've cut income to Social Security -- again.  You've cut incoming taxes, not only from government employees, but also from the businesses where said money could be spent.  Depending on how long you continue this ill-advised strategy, you could cause more foreclosures and individual bankruptcies.  And for what?  To rebel against a law that has passed Congress, been signed by the President and upheld by the Supreme Court.

No matter how long and hard you continue to writhe on the floor, kicking and screaming like preschoolers throwing tantrums, the law is in effect.

True, the law is seen as somewhat unpopular.  But if it were as unpopular as you say it is, the President would not have been reelected and Democrats would not hold the majority in the Senate.

You say your constituents don't like the law.  How many of them?  Actually figure out the percentage of your voters who showed up at your town meetings to protest.  Then remember that it is the disgruntled element of any issue that goes to meetings.  Did a majority of your constituents actually attend?  Be honest with yourselves about these issues.

You've certainly made names for yourselves with your efforts.  Trouble is, we won't know until the next elections if these names are good or bad.  What you mostly have done is tick off all members of all parties with both sides laying blame at each other's doors and accomplishing absolutely nothing worthwhile.

Majority rule brought about legislation that many Americans have wanted since around 1945.  If you do not accept it, it is a sign you do not believe in the American system of government.  It is the law and it has been enacted now.  Change scares people, but the law may turn out to be at least acceptable if not a blessing.  We already know it is a blessing for people who have been unable to get insurance because the insurance companies wanted to protect their profit margins (wanted to rake in the bucks, without having to spend any of them).

The Senate and the President have called your bluff.  This represents a further loss for those of you who prefer minority rule in cases where you disagree with the majority.  In pure slang language, it's a done deal now.  It's the law.  Get over it.  Get on to something constructive.  Put obstructionism behind you and put Americans back to work.

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