Friday, November 8, 2013

Please Find Another Topic

The flagellation of the Democrats for having a worse than normal startup of a Federal program is apparently beginning to bore the press.  The President, after all, has now apologized that the insurance companies refused to improve insurance policies that were inferior to the new Affordable Care Act requirements.  Believe me, he regrets his promises.

Television and other media are casting around looking for something more interesting than beating a dead horse.  So, the next Presidential election is popping up as a big topic again.  Will it be Christie?  Will it be Hillary?  Really, guys, who cares at this point? Most of us are actually enjoying the break from hateful, spiteful advertising.  If you continue to insist on picking our next Presidential candidates for us, you run the risk of forcing them to declare way too soon.  The result of that is one or the other, if they do decide to run, could peak too early.  Then we would be back to square one.

Surely there is enough news in the world that you do not have to resort to politics this early in the cycle.

Please find another topic.

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