Saturday, December 28, 2013

You'd Be Depressed, Too

Did you hear the press?  The President seemed depressed when he left for vacation.  No kidding!  Do you wonder why?  What's that expression?  "They were on that like white on rice".  Isn't that a good description of reaction to every move he makes?  If the Republicans don't think of something to gloat about, the media makes up the words and puts them in their heads.  Ladies and gentlemen, he can't run again.  Wage your presidential race against another guy or gal.

It took a lot of courage to become the first black President.  Whoever did it was going to take a lot of flak just because he was the first black president.  What he and those of us who voted for him didn't realize is that he was going to be expected to be the first perfect president as well.  I'd be depressed, too.  So would you.

And look what happens to him when he takes a moment out of the horror to joke around with officials from other countries.  The press turns it into marital discord.  Whew!  There is nothing sacred to these roving commentators and cameramen, is there?

I hope you will all let him have a decent vacation so he can get some rest and prepare himself for the next onslaught from all of us.  Why don't you all take a rest from criticizing and gloating, too?

All you presidential hopefuls, think about the future moves you make.  They say that what goes around comes around.  Is this the kind of treatment you want?

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