Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Hopefuls

It's hard to tell just how many of the Republicans being touted as Presidential candidates are hopefuls -- or hoped for by others.

No matter how hard some of us beg the media to wait before starting the 2016 campaign, they just keep on lighting sparks anyway.  The Republican conference last week got attention riveted on a handful of potentials -- Paul Ryan (44), Ted Cruz (43), Rand Paul (51), Jeb Bush (61), Marco Rubio (42), Chris Christie (62).  Average age (50.5).  Give us a break!  According to media reports a few months ago, experts have decided that men don't mature until they are 43.  And some of these want to be President already?

Picture Paul Ryan while campaigning.  Remember the pictures of him with his hat on backwards like a gang member?  Earphones -- listening to music and sparring with Mitt Romney about which was better, noise or elevator music.  Working out.  Carrying Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand around and praising it like it was the second Bible.  He is said to give copies of it to staff members whom he asks to read it.  He didn't back off until the Catholic Church objected.

Then there is Rand Paul telling the whole Republican Party they won't win the presidency again in his lifetime unless they completely change their positions.  Fat chance of that!  There is hardly anybody harder to change than a died-in-the-wool Republican.

Even Jeb Bush's mother thinks it's time for the Bush dynasty to be retired.  Oh, Lord, please!  Were satiated.  Too much of a thing -- good or bad.
How sweet it was for Ted Cruz to hold story time for his kids while holding up progress in the Congress.  But doesn't he realize that Mr. Smith already went to Washington?  Besides, that Mr. Smith (the actor) was better looking.  By the way, do you think Donald Trump will keep raising the citizenship question for Cruz?  There is bona fide evidence he was born in another country.  But then he says it is okay because his mother was a U. S. citizen.  How come the issue was raised with Obama, then?  His mother's citizenship was never in question.  Does that just work for Republicans? 

And Marco Rubio, your time will come.  Just not yet.  You need to wait until 2025 when it is predicted there will be no more majority and until we've forgiven a few million more Hispanics for crashing our party.

Poor Chris Christie.  We were all set to love the big Teddy bear if he won the election.  Then he got run over by his own team.  Or did he authorize the traffic jam himself?  Seems government agencies are having trouble getting hold of the memos. 

See what you cause by starting the campaign too soon?  Everybody is already getting weary of politics.  There is dirt flying as usual. You've already gotten me riled as well.

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