Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"It Ain't Right"

During his speech in Kansas City this morning, the President of the United States said we know that some things just aren't right, but others just "ain't right".

To a crowd that exceeded even that of rock stars who have performed at the Uptown Theater, the President said that today, one of the last two days Congress in in session before the break, the only scheduled vote is whether or not to sue him for "doing my job".  He has a valid point.  It really "ain't right", when they could be working for a change.

The President was quite relaxed during his near thirty minute speech. His wonderful sense of humor was in gear.  He laughed that sources report that he should be out of office before that issue (the potential lawsuit) is resolved.  He joked about Arthur Bryant's barbecue restaurant running out of coleslaw before his arrival last night.    He made a joke that he got it that the Republicans didn't like him holding the office.  But he assured them that he would be gone in two years and then they could dislike the next president, a not too subtle insinuation that the next one would be a Democrat, too. 

He was more serious that his dinner guests last night were able to take advantage of some of his programs to get off unemployment, afford health care and realize a cap on their student loan payments.

He was really serious when he suggested Congress use the last two years of his presidency to work with him to increase the minimum wage and make sure women earn the same wage for doing the same job as a man.  He also hopes they will take care of the problem concerning our infrastructure issues before their break.

His relaxed mode came to an end as he chided those Americans who are cynics.  He said he guessed they thought that made them cool.

I needed a refresher about just what a cynic was.  Do you want one, too?  According to Random House, a cynic is "a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested points of view."

He proceeded into a near litany of American successes which were not achieved by cynicism.  They can be bottom lined by the remark that cynicism didn't put man on the moon.  About these successes, made without cynicism, he was deadly serious.

It didn't hurt his positive attitude, that the economy is continuing to improve and that unemployment remains lower than at the start of his presidency. 

Following his speech, which was well received by numerous attendees, some of whom said "no matter what your party affiliation", he took a leisurely drive back to KCI Airport.  The entourage made an unscheduled stop at Parkville Coffee in Parkville, Missouri.  Thanks to social media, a small crowd soon collected near the shop.  Secret Service representatives selected people from the crowd to greet him personally. 

Thanks to KMBC 9 News, we were able to view him board Air Force One with the two Missouri politicians who get to discuss issues en route.

While covering the final minutes of the stay in Kansas City, the television station announced that Oklahoma Joe's sent out a tweet that three strapping guys wearing Air Force One jackets picked up a fourteen hundred dollar barbecue order assumed headed the President's way.  Now that's some good barbecue, too.  Next trip, he might want to try Kansas City's Gates or Snead's in Belton, as well as Bates City, Missouri's barbecue.

As a parting note, I want to mention the woman who said she got tears in her eyes when he began speaking today.  I can relate to that.  I had tears in my eyes the day I left the polls after voting for him the first time.

P. S.  Mr. President, Oklahoma Joe's did not send coleslaw.  Also, the KMBC 9 staff says this unhealthy eating is going to get you in trouble at home. 

P. P. S.  It really is good barbecue, Mrs. Obama.  Maybe he will let you have some.

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