Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our Demographics Are Unequal

The various communities across America may be filled with equal opportunities, but demographics show that diversity is not equally distributed.  Let's take the two sides of the state line referred to as Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas.

On the Missouri side, non Hispanic Caucasians number 54.9 per cent in the city proper but 81 per cent throughout the state.  On the other hand, in Kansas City, Kansas, the same group is 39.4 (per cent is implied throughout the rest of the article),  while the State of Kansas has 77.1.  Wyandotte County, of which Kansas City, Kansas, is a part has 42.7.

Hispanics total 28.3 in Kansas City, Kansas compared to 11.2 in the state as a whole.  The number in Kansas City, Missouri is 10 --  the state has 3.5.

Kansas City, Kansas Hispanics outnumber African Americans who represent just 26.3, and 6.2 throughout Kansas.

The Asian population is more equivalent with 2.9 in Kansas City, Kansas and 2.5 in Kansas City, Missouri.  The state of Kansas overall, has more with 2.7 than Missouri's 1.6.  Kansas City, Missouri on the other hand has more individuals of at least two mixed races -- 3.2 to 1.7.  Kansas City, Missouri, also has a few less Native American/Alaskan, .5 to .7.

Compare these figures to the following.  San Diego County has 5.6 African American.  Native American/Alaskan represent 1.3 while Asians are 11.7.  Mixed races --  at least 2 --  are 4.2.  Here, Hispanics are 32.9 of the people and white with no Hispanic is 47.2.

In New York City, African American only is 17.5.  The Asian population is just 8.2 and Native American 1.0.  There are 2.3 of the people who are of two or more races.  Hispanics make up 18.4 while white with no Hispanic is 57.2.

Houston, Texas has a whopping 43.8 Hispanic population.  Non Hispanic whites number just 25.6.  There are 23.7 African American/Alaskan and 6.0 Asian.  Biracial people number around 3.3.  Native Americans are just .7.

Tucson, Arizona has just 41.6 Hispanic with non Hispanic whites numbering 47.2.  African Americans are 5.0 of the people with Asian, 2.9 and Native American/Alaskan, 2.7.  Two or more races represent 4.2.

It is curious what conditions exist which encourage the inequality of where individual segments choose to settle.  Is housing more equitable for one group than others?  Do the coyotes have better resources in one city than another?  Do employment agencies, especially temporary ones, encourage specific groups?  Do friends attract like individuals to their neighborhoods?  Just what jobs that U. S. born citizens don't want to work, do Hispanics do in the states with little agriculture?

What are the neighbors like around your home? Are they diversified?  Do you feel surrounded by non similar groups of individuals?

As mentioned in earlier blogs, demographics experts predict that by 2025, or at least 2050, there will be no more majority in this country.  But will the majority simply be changing at least in some areas of the country?

I cannot forget the words of the Hispanic man, standing on his land on the American side of the border -- "We are being invaded."

Yes we are!  And that goes for some of us more than others.

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