Monday, October 6, 2014

When Don't They Pounce?

This Week began their show October 5, 2014, with teasers including "what President Obama said that has Republicans pouncing."  So, what does he say that doesn't cause them to pounce?  They're like Sylvester who stands outside Tweety's cage.  They are so obsessed about putting down the President that they stay poised for attack instead of being productive leaders themselves.

Apparently the President caused the attack by stating the obvious truth.  He isn't running for office in November, but his policy is.  I can't determine if it is the staff of the program or the Republicans who are not aware that they pounced before his speech.  There is hardly a Republican ad that doesn't bring up past Obama policy as failed approaches, even the ones that have succeeded.

Too bad Obamacare wasn't the big failure the Republicans had hoped.  Yes, it had a rough start, but have you heard the praise the previously uninsured are giving it?  Have you noticed that unemployment has slipped below six per cent?  What Americans who work for a living don't want to see a minimum wage increase?  What senior citizens would consider giving up their Social Security and Medicare? 

Sorry Republicans, you'd best find another strategy to attack.  Most of your ads that claim politicians support Obama and Democrats get oral thanks for teaching me for whom I should vote.

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