Sunday, December 7, 2014

So You Voted The Republicans In

Congratulations to the Republicans.  They once again have control of the House and the Senate.  If you give them the presidency, as well, in 2016, they will assume you have given them permission to do whatever they want to you.

You voted Republican?  Do you own your own business?  Good vote!  Are you one of the upper one per cent?  Good vote!

Did you vote Republican because that's what Mommy or Daddy taught you to do?  Shame upon you for not using the mind that the Good Lord gave you.  Here is what you gave the Republican Congress permission to do with that less than discerning vote.

1.  To leave the minimum wage at less than half what you need to support your family.

2.  To tax the middle class to pay for farm supplements for rich farmers.

3.  To chain CPI.  You know what CPI is.  It's the Consumer Price Index.  It's the figure used to determine how much increase you will get for Social Security.  Unchained CPI causes your Social Security income to rise at the rate of inflation.  Chained CPI does not rise at the rate of this increase  --  you know, the increase in how much everything costs.  Chained CPI forces you to buy the cheapest meats, fruits, vegetables.  So you will get to figure out what meats are cheaper than the hamburger that has been your mainstay since retiring.  (And it will affect all future generations because it will constantly keep the base of our Social Security payments lower than the rate of inflation).  In other words, we will have to have huge retirement packages just to survive.

4.  To raise the cost of heating, cooling and traveling fuels.

5.  To run oil pipelines through our beautiful land so that Canada can ship oil to foreign countries.  How many permanent jobs will this create?  Fifty, per the oil company's representative, himself.

6.  To favor big business over you.

7.  To favor farm conglomerates over the small farm owner.

8.  To give insurance companies free license to continue unethical practices which The Affordable Care Act eliminates.

9. To cut taxes for everything concerning the upper middle and upper classes while taxing the middle, middle at will.  Oh, yes, so they can receive their lifetime retirement package even for working only a handful of years.

10.  And most of all, you rewarded them for all their attack ads, their lies and their fraudulent advertising.

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