Sunday, June 2, 2013

Questions for the Tea Partiers

According to the June 3, 2013 Time, the 1952 corporate tax portion was 32 per cent.  In 2012, it was 8.9 per cent.  So, where's the beef?  Is it your intention to reduce the taxes on the corporations and wealthy until they are nonexistent? 

When you voted for your Tea Party/conservative politicians, did you mean for the following to happen?

...Head Start Programs to be cut

...Entire schools to be closed

...Teachers to be laid off, contributing to unemployment, Medicaid and food stamp rolls

...Less social workers and psychologists in the schools diagnosing mental illnesses

...Less supplies for our school children

...College students, including your children and grandchildren, to have less access to loans and grants

...Federal programs to be dismantled, sending even more people to unemployment, Medicaid and food stamp rolls

...Other government employees to be laid off putting even more people on
   and food stamp rolls

...Children and old people to go hungry

...Medicaid to be cut just when middle class Americans need it

...HUD Housing programs to be reduced

...Mental Health programs for the public to be reduced

...Drug and alcohol programs to be cut

...Roads to be swallowed by holes

...Bridges to fall into water

...For us, one satellite at a time, to lose our ability to predict storms

Did you think about how tax dollars are used or just that you don't like them?

Did you think ...?

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