Sunday, May 12, 2013

OMG, Get Over It

A lot of Americans --- those with two left feet -- have never understood the male need to fine tune everything into a team sports model.  As the saying goes, it is what it is.  We must be team players with grand slam ideas for which we choose a leader to coach us all to victory.  But, then the very times when we need a sports model, the teams are sadly lacking.  They forget to be good sports when they lose. 

Oh my goodness, get over your losses with at least a modicum of good grace.  Mitt Romney, this message is for you.  C'mon now, you don't really believe "they" voted  President Obama into office because he promised them everything free?  Whom do you identify as "they"?  Are you talking about poor black people?  Seems like a lot of poor whites, middle class black and whites and even a few rich people must have voted for him, too.  From this author's perspective, you didn't win because you wouldn't tell the truth.  You presented yourself as highly conservative to get the nomination, but then tried to pull a turn around to win the election.  Contrary to elitist opinion, the American people are not stupid.  It didn't help your case that you wrote off 47 per cent of us either.  Even the poor get to vote (even the black, the Hispanic, the women.)  We are no longer a chauvinistic nation.

This means you, Senator McCain.  What exactly do you think you are doing?  Thank God you did not win the election!  If you had, we would have been in war with every Tom, Dick, and Harry around.  Have you listened to yourself?  You're so busy trying to make the American people think you would have been a better President, that you're becoming a chronic dissident.  If we liked your stand on issues we would have elected you when you ran.

This means you, disappointed Republicans in Congress -- well, everywhere.  You lost the election; two of them.  In America, the majority vote rules.  You were the minority this time.  You lost.

And if all this chest beating, rationalization and contrary behavior is to discredit Mrs. Clinton (check out This Week on May 12, 2013) could you give us all a few months break from election era politics?  At least wait until she decides to run.  She may decide she's too old and wants to bake cookies LOL. 

OMG, get over it.

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