Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Change of Mind

Ordinarily I would not consider going back almost two years to place a disclaimer on one of my articles.  Right or wrong, good or bad, they represent my thoughts and feelings at the time they are written.  Once more knowledge is gained either from my own research or from a change in national information, I can always write a new article showing my newfound wisdom.

"My Tongue In Cheek Choice For Congress (Or Am I Serious?)" is one article that needs to be readdressed.  This article simply will not die.  There were multiple page views this past week. 

There were a couple of reasons for writing the article.  First, I was trying to introduce a little levity into what had become a very tedious election.  Second, I was trying to notify all local parties that we needed a Democratic candidate and that the candidates on the ballot were not very well known in my neck of the woods.  I'm in an area which Republicans view as Democratic, so they don't court our votes.  Democrats see my state as Republican, so don't invest many dollars here.

Since publishing this article, I have been subscribing to Representative Kevin Yoder's weekly on-line newsletter.  I cannot imagine a more dedicated Representative than he.  He describes the bills, how he voted and why, and which ones he introduces and/or sponsors.  He schedules meetings where constituents can talk with him and he has a local staff on hand to answer questions. 

Sorry, Representative Yoder!  I should have done this sooner.  Now, if only you were a Democrat. . .

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