Wednesday, May 21, 2014

And They Say It's A Woman's World

Girls are being shot because they want to be educated.

Girls have been kidnapped.  The apparent kidnapper was threatening to sell them all as sex slaves unless he could trade them for the release of his own men.  The kidnapper, from a culture that stones it's women if they are raped, is threatening to sell other people's kids into sexual slavery.

Rapes in our military -- which have been going on for many decades -- are finally gaining the full attention of the government.

Today, reports are that one in five female university students are victims of rape.  Men, in the process of seeking power over women, resort to rape to flex their muscles.  Women, children through grandmothers, of any age will do.  It depends on whom they wish to control.

Women in journalism, even when paid well, still earn on the whole only about 83 per cent of men's salaries.  Women in other jobs often do worse than that.  .

Men don't want to pay health insurance for women's concerns.  But they would be livid if we refused to pay for prostate exams and treatment.

Men who will exploit anyone and everyone they can, take more advantage of women than their male colleagues.

And they say it's a woman's world.

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