Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Karl Rove, Brain or Supreme Cad?

Well, Karl Rove is at it again!  He's already circulating inaccurate information about the person he assumes will be the next Democratic nominee for President.  What's he saying?  Hillary Clinton, according to him only, suffered brain damage when she fell and received a concussion.  Oh, wait!  Didn't the Republicans say at the time that she wasn't really hurt, but just wanted to avoid answering uncomfortable questions?

Gee, Karl, what's wrong with your own brain?  Can't you see she is in robust health?  Her mind seems to be serving her well in her public appearances.  Gosh, she even wrote a book since her fall.

What have you been doing with your time?  Not as much as previously, I guess.  According to the press I've read, your two fundraising groups have been slow to raise and slower to spend.  American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS is it?  You are letting Americans for Prosperity and the Koch brothers steal your thunder.

How is it you've made a downward spiral from being the brain (per a biographer) of the Bush Administration to the great prevaricator?  Those lies of yours must be making your pathway a really slippery slope.

According to the Sunlight Foundation, a watchdog group over Super PACS, donors to your organizations didn't get a good return on their investments.  You delivered in only two of the thirteen races.  We hear you are still trying to turn the Senate into a Republican powerhouse.  With the above track record, perhaps you had better learn new tactics.  Or, perhaps you should just find a new job -- a real one.

Haven't you and your buddies done enough damage?  You've outed a professional CIA agent whom the country still needs but can't use.  You've fired U. S. attorneys over politics.  You've considered firing 26 more, which would have made a total of 33.  This behavior was determined inappropriately political.  And you didn't even have the courage to stay and face the music.  Instead, you screamed executive privilege and ran for the hills.  What if Congress had been as persistent about getting to the bottom of your misdeeds as they are trying to do to Democrats?

But you just keep on reinventing yourself and spinning more lies and snide remarks.  Perhaps the Republican Party will grow some sense and learn to distance itself from you, like you advised everybody to do about Todd Akin.  At least nobody has suggested you should be murdered like you suggested about Mr. Akin.  Your great brain isn't functioning that much better than his these days.  Maybe you can consult him about what jobs are available for politicians who have lost favor.  It is just time you find out what it's like to be on the receiving end of really negative press.

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