Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nice Try, Boehner -- How About Doing Your Work?

Well, John Boehner is trying to throw another wrench into the works at the House of Representatives.  He spends so much time ranting, raving, crying and accusing the President of misadventures that he just can't get his own work done. 

Presidents beginning with George Washington have used Executive Order for getting mission accomplished on the work they need to do.  In fact, here are the totals used by Presidents during my lifetime.  The figures are per Wikipedia.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 3,522
Harry S. Truman, 907
Dwight D. Eisenhower, 484
John F. Kennedy, 214
Lyndon B. Johnson, 325
Richard M. Nixon, 346
G. R. Ford, 169
Jimmy Carter, 320
Ronald Reagan, 381
George H. W. Bush, 166
William J. Clinton, 364
George W. Bush, 291
Barack Obama, 197 (As of 3-20-2014)

Rumors are spreading that President Obama has used the policy more than previous presidents.  This is more Republican fiction (as you can see from the figures) meant to keep Congress off task and win more congressional seats at midterm, as well as the next presidential election. 

I don't know where these people get the idea that being the party of no and leading the do nothing House of Representatives, is mature professionalism.  It is the behavior of school children being obstructionists and bullies on the playground.

Grow up, Mr. Boehner.  Set a better example for your junior members.  Let's see how Congress can work together for a while. 

And, before you start accusing the current president of misbehavior, you need to get your facts straight.  Others have done this work quite well for you.  Look it up.  You know, you've heard of the internet haven't you?  Information and facts are just a few keystrokes away.  You ought to try it sometime.

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