Thursday, January 22, 2015

Basic Human Rights Revisited

According to "Encore in Iowa" by Mike Sherer, Time Magazine, January 26, 2015, Mike Huckabee is running for President again.  Per Sherer, he recently compared Americans with the Nazis  --  the ones who abort their babies with the ones who caused the Holocaust.  He stated that fifty-five million babies have been murdered in their mother's own wombs.

First, I've not had a lot of exposure to Mr. Huckabee, but up until this time, I've always been rather fond of him.

Second, I've no idea whether his figures are correct and don't intend to research it.  Fifty-five million? 

Third, find a new platform!  I just read and heard today that Republican women are taking a stand against the Republican position on abortion.  I don't know why Americans persist in telling each other what to do. It is an invasion of privacy, none of your business and extremely archaic.  It's almost as radical as Muslim extremists who stone each other for adultery.

Let me go on record once more!  I have never had an unwanted pregnancy.  I have never had an abortion.  I don't believe that any woman in my family has ever had one.  I know for a fact that we would welcome any children that God gifted to us and be grateful for them.  I am not a proponent of abortion, per se.  I am a proponent of a woman's  -  a couple's  --  right to choose!

You do not have the right to decide whether the Catholic couple next door to you has to keep the tenth or twelfth baby just because the rhythm method failed them.  You do not have the right to tell the Baptist couple next door that they have to feed an extra mouth when they already work four jobs between them and still have to use food stamps.

The federal government has no right to tell our citizens how they should behave concerning such personal and private matters.  As long as what one citizen chooses is not going to negatively impact the lives of her neighbors, nobody has a right to make his/her decisions for her.

Women do not plan on going back to the forties and fifties where unwanted pregnancies were aborted in back allies with dirty coat hangers.  They will not go back to an age where parents forced their daughters to give up their children to adoption.  You have no right to tell a woman she has to see a pregnancy to the end so that someone else can rear the child.  She should not have the health risks, the shortened energy, the financial and physical expense because of a mistake or failed birth control.  Most especially, no man on earth has a right to tell a woman she has to have a baby she does not want.  And no baby should have to enter this world to a parent who does not want it.  When men start carrying the kids, then they can decide.

Over and over, power hungry individuals reach out their tentacles in an attempt to control everything and everyone within their vision.  Greed for power over others is their main sin.  How dare they accuse another of sin before they cast the sin from their own lives.

And no man who likens a U. S. citizen to the Nazis of World War II should ever have the right to hold the highest office in this land.  Whatever are you thinking?  It certainly cost you any chance you ever had at getting my vote.

This issue is not just an abortion issue.  It is about who gets to be in charge of our lives and our choices.  Get it yet?  Duh!!!

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