Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Cut-Throat Perspective

Deflate-gate, physically hurting our competitors, using steroids and other drugs  --  all in the name of winning  --  is downright disgusting!  "Well, others are doing it, so I will, too."  Well, others didn't get caught.  You did.

The human soul is becoming totally corrupt.  Everywhere we turn, sociopaths prevail.  Is it in our DNA now?  Has it always been?  Or, has people's abuse of alcohol and other drugs spun a mutation of sorts, an error in the human genome?

Whatever the cause, the spin is out of control beginning with what we value and what we respect.  However in this world did we get to the point that athletics and sports became centermost in our lives?  They override Broadway, movies, television, family, church and home.  Today, as "ninety-nine and forty-four one hundredths percent" of American citizens stop to view the big game, we find the sociopathic efforts to win hanging a veil of shame over the activities.

It is said that more than half the footballs used by the playoff winners were deflated, which gave them an advantage.  Was it an accident?  Odds are it was not, considering the number in question.  Will we ever know who did it?  The why is easy.  To win.  The how  --  yes, how in this world could someone carry out such a thing after the balls were inspected?  And why don't the teams use the same balls anyway?

In this never ending age of the "media pounce", it is insane to think such a thing would go unnoticed and unspoken.

Now, the team that won the playoffs will never know for sure that they really earned the right to go to the Super Bowl.  Neither will the fans.  Odds are they would have won without cheating, but nobody will ever know conclusively.  Likewise, if they win the Super Bowl, nobody will ever know if they should have.

But the most basic question of all is, in this day of injuring our opponents to get them out of the game, what has happened to our basic value system that athletics, sports, or anything else should have become so worshipped that we would risk our very moral fiber just to win?

An underlying theme the first Rocky movie portrayed (long past forgotten), second best can sometimes feel very good.  So, let's forget this everlasting cut-throat perspective and return sports to their proper place in this world.  They are but a source of entertainment.  It is not a basic need of mankind to win, win, win.  Tainting athletics is not going to put food and water on the table or a roof over the head.  It is just going to bring shame to all.

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