Friday, July 17, 2015

Don't Make Judgments Hastily

I heard a young man tell his parents that there were black people and then there were n___________.  He made a case for his position that they rejected as they told him never to say that word in their home again.  His parting remark was that the parents had known only the best blacks.  He said they had never had to go to school with them.

On the scene is Donald Trump claiming that Mexico is sending us their criminals including rapists.  At the same time, a friend from California keeps sending messages via Facebook about the advantages of having immigrant neighbors.

I don't really know whether Donald Trump or my friend have either had Hispanic or other immigrant neighbors.  Truth be told, if Trump did, it was probably some chick that had entered his Ms. World or Universe project  --  or some wealthy gentleman Trump considered a friendly acquaintance.

More likely my California friend has or has had immigrant neighbors.  Yet, I suspect even she would not be living where large groups of Hispanics  --  many illegals  -- are prone to collect.  She and her husband wouldn't be Trump rich, but they probably reside in a middle class neighborhood somewhere.

One problem with Trump's speeches is he doesn't make a distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.  We have policies in place for welcoming people from other countries through our front door.  Using these policies, it is possible to know a little about new arrivals and where they will go.  We used to even use the process for separating the ill from the well and the good people from the bad.  To some degree, they control the numbers.  With masses of individuals constantly sneaking through the back door, there are no controls.

We also need to address the issue that Trump said as a casual addendum that there are probably good immigrants.  And yet we need to keep in mind that entering the United States illegally is a criminal act in and of itself.  How can we know if this is the only criminal act they will perform?  Will they help other illegals enter, compounding their criminal activity?  Or will they settle down as perfect citizens never to commit crimes again?  Will they order and receive illegal papers and Social Security cards?  Will they drive without valid driver's licenses?  When the going gets tough will they raid their neighbor's mailboxes and steal bicycle frames from their neighbor's yards, or will they get second jobs using their illegal papers?

We have the trouble makers who kill beautiful girls with stolen guns . . . who beat up U. S. citizens for the fun of it . . . who participate in drive-byes . . . who let their children become gang members . . . who, themselves, sell illegal drugs  ...  and the most mystifying of all, behave in a hateful and resentful attitude toward the Born in the USA citizens.  Why did they come here if they hate us so?  Life is hard enough without having to deal with attitude from people who came here to steal our country.  (Yes, I believe that is the goal of MANY of the illegals).

Then there are Trump's least favorite criminals, the rapists.  I wonder if he has ever known anyone personally who was raped by an illegal immigrant.  Well, I have.  She was a friend of one of my children.  The man was a handsome guy and probably would have been allowed "Friends With Benefits" status, had he been patient and waited.  But, he did not.  He took her on a date, raped her and dropped her back near her home, leaving her feeling dirty and used.  It was no surprise to me when months later his picture was flashed on the news as a person of interest in another rape.

Two immigrants, one possibly illegal, were wanted as persons of interest in sex crimes against children.  I have met all three of these men. 

Trump, of course, is a sensationalist.  That's how he approaches everything he does, so his acting out and showing off should come as no surprise.  That's what makes him so entertaining.  I don't see the man as a serious contender for the Republican nomination regardless of current polls.  But he has more support than most of us would have expected.

America always needs a president with good people skills and a lot of tact.  Trump was definitely hiding out when those were dispensed.  But I would like the people of the United States, especially the upwardly mobile media and political set, to know that there is really a lot of truth behind the man's blustering remarks.  You guys don't see enough of the truth from your ivory towers through your rose-tinted windows.

There is a lot of crime being committed out here by the immigrant population and not just by the Hispanic community.  The fact that Trump is a little more correct than you are does not mean he should be President of the United States.  I don't know why he would want to be anyway.  I'd think it would be a lot more fun earning stacks and stacks of money.  Wish I had that gift.

I guess I'm jus' sayin', there are immigrants and then there are criminal immigrants, and I'm more likely to know the latter than you because I have to live in the same neighborhood with some of them.  Apparently a lot of other people know this, too, or Trump wouldn't be doing so well.  We aren't rubbing shoulders or doing coffee hours with Herb Alpert, Jennifer Lopez, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio down here folks.  You need to remember that when you start going, "Oh, let's help them come here for a better life."

And to borrow a Trump method, let me state as an addendum that I know some good immigrants, too, some really good ones.

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