Monday, August 3, 2015

The Republican Forum of August 3, 2015

What an impressive group of individuals we heard tonight.  We can only hope and pray that each individual is as well prepared for answering all the questions as they were in covering the ones they caught tonight.

Here are other strengths of the crowd in addition to their general knowledge of the issues covered and their level of preparation to answer them.

They are aware of their strengths and lead with them.

The ones who presented their views and their plans, instead of attacking the current administration and other candidates, made the best impression on me.  I want to know what they will do, not what they think someone else did wrong.  Everyone "has 20-20 vision with hindsight," even the people who made whatever errors were made.  And, I'm sure the country runs close to 50-50 about what were errors.

Those who saw war and boots on the ground as a last resort showed more maturity, in my estimation, than those who want to go in with preconceived numbers in mind.  The winds may be blowing differently by the time the election is over.

Some have really good ideas for handling the ever burgeoning immigration problem.  I'd like to see Republicans get sincere about really doing something about it.

A couple of the young ones seemed more mature than a couple of the older ones.  Wasn't I the one who said some were too young?

The flat tax idea has been suggested in the past by several, including Jerry Brown and Steve Forbes.  Not a bad idea if everyone above the abject poverty level pays the exact same tax rate and if there are absolutely no loopholes or exemptions  --  including first and second mortgages on homes!

Anything else would leave us with the status quo.  One might want to consider a slightly inflated tax rate until we reach a balanced budget and then a lower rate.  And how, exactly, did the Clinton Administration achieve this balance?  A limited term five cent per gallon gasoline tax?  With our record level debt, perhaps ten cents would help.

Senator Graham wants the well off to give up their Social Security for a chance to save the fund.  A laudable idea, but will the Social Security of the one per cent make a dent in the problem?  Now if we added that to a gas tax and if the Congress would give up their special retirement and go on Social Security, etc., then we might get somewhere.

And one final overall strength of the group was their apparent ability to learn from each other.

All of you Democrats need to get your platform planned.  You need to have thought through all the issues and know what you intend to do.  Quit letting the Republicans get under your skin and, if you want to be President, give us good answers to our questions.  The "pat" answers of the past aren't going to cut it now.  These people are prepared.

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