Friday, August 28, 2015

Honesty Or Brashness?

Truthful, sincere and frank, or hasty, rash, impudent and tactless  --  that is the question!  If Donald Trump's words are demonstrating a deep-seated integrity such as we have not seen from many politicians, we would be lucky to have him as president.  But if his words are the result of impulsivity and striking out at others, then electing him would be great folly.

A tornado enters a community, takes over everyone's attention briefly and leaves rubble and disaster in it's wake.  Recently, pictures circulating on Facebook have shown some mighty lovely scenes with a tornado as the focal point.  While eyeing the breathtaking beauty of the pictures, it is possible to forget momentarily the menace that the scene portrays.

Such are the words of Donald Trump.  They strike beauty at first glance.  They promise action.  They portray a man who will get things done.  They imply that a man who is a success in business is a success in all things.  Yet, he is not a success in some of the most important skills needed in a president.

Everybody who speaks of President Jimmy Carter in his time of illness, speaks of his grace in this as in all things.  Where is Donald Trump's grace?

Trump says if someone attacks him, then it gives his permission to attack back and makes it okay to call his victims fat, bimbo and possibly suffering from PMS (implied by his blood comments).  He says he whine's until he gets what he wants.  Already he is whining that reporters and anchors aren't being fair with their questions.  They want him to answer the what, when, where, why and how when all he speaks is the who.

First meeting with President Obama, Israel's Netanyahu insulted him.  How would the Donald have responded to this?  In his point of view that would give him leave to insult the Israeli leader.  Then what would happen? Well, we would probably lose one of our oldest and dearest allies.

After Iran signed the recent agreement, the Iranian leader made it clear that it didn't make us friends.  Would the Donald have responded with name calling or a schoolyard brawl?

Trump assures us he will build a wall that will keep illegals out and make Mexico pay for it.  That's almost laughable on the heels of the Mexican cartel tunneling under prison walls so their leader, Guzman, could escape.  And he'll make Mexico pay for it?  How?  We need specifics.  What leverage does he have?  Can he do it or is it just braggadocio?

When asked how he would lead the military concerning Afghanistan and Syria, he said the military had advisors to make suggestions to him.  Is he the leader or the follower?  As President Harry Truman used to say, "The buck stops here"  --  at the President's desk.

Some of us get the impression that Mr. Trump thinks that being brash is cute.  In our anger with congress, illegal immigration, low wages and a long-term sense of helplessness, we flirt with the relief of having someone finally saying he will get in the ring and fight our battles to the finish.  Yet, is the man speaking substance or just facade?

How much does he actually know about war?  Is he experienced in governing or making laws?  Does he have political experience with leaders of other countries?  We already know his response to verbal attacks could end up as vicious as those of a junkyard dog.

This country needs a leader who understands diplomacy and tact.  We need someone who thinks before he retaliates.  Fun and likeable though the man can be as a showman, I fear he is just not the leader we need.

All you other hopefuls out there, hear the message from the nerve he has struck.  Figure out exactly what this need he is promising to fill must be.  Then give us your best solutions to the problems; not just words but plans.  We really need you to hear what his popularity is telling us.  We just must have a saner and more self-controlled individual to provide it for us.  Or maybe the Donald can learn to chill and back up verbiage with substance.  The world might not survive a tornado of this size and speed.

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