Thursday, September 10, 2015

There Is No Accountability

The political correctness police have been all over the election cycle just as they are all over everyone and everything these days.  Some members of the press called Donald Trump a bigot the other day for his remarks about illegal immigrants.  They cast aspersions on Jeb Bush for referring to "anchor babies."  This is a term used to describe children whose families see that they are born in the United States, which allows many members of their families to move here legally.

So, could there possibly be anything incorrect about political correctness?  You bet.  There is no accountability for the people about whom we are supposed to be politically correct.  Say what?  You heard me.  Political correctness takes away the need for individuals to be held accountable for their behaviors. If anybody has the "brass ones" to say anything about a misbehavior of a minority person, an illegal immigrant, an anchor baby, the speaker, not the misbehaver, gets the blame.

Ferguson, Missouri, remains a crucial reminder of such an incident.  Videotapes clearly show Michael Brown manhandling the clerk of the convenience store where he was accused of stealing around $48 worth of cigars.  He sticks out his huge arm and sweeps aside the much smaller clerk like he was wiping dust off a countertop.  But who at this point holds Brown accountable for anything?  Certainly not his black friends.  Not Al Sharpton.  His Mom was said to refuse to view the tapes because they were just trying to make Michael look bad.  No, Mam.  Michael made Michael look bad and the country saw it happen.

When the police told Michael to leave the road and use the sidewalk, he confronts the officer and wrestles him for his gun.  Who has held Michael accountable for that misbehavior?  Not his Mother, Step-father, friends, or the political correctness police, that's for sure.  Yes, Michael is dead.  And the life of a police officer and his family is changed forever as well.

Oprah Winfrey caused an international incident yelling racism because a clerk told her the price of the purse didn't matter because she couldn't afford it.  Who, in his/her right mind could afford a $49,000 purse, even if they did have the money?  Paying that for costuming would be insane. 
But who has held Oprah accountable for stirring up a hornets nest by playing the race card over a casual remark?  Not the political correctness police for sure.  That poor clerk in that store in a foreign country  --  that is not even known for racist issues  -  knows which adult was rude . . . which adult was racist . . . which adult showed her ass in front of the whole world.  The country's government had to apologize, for Pete's sake.  Oh, but weren't they "politically correct" for doing so?  And who has held Oprah accountable for throwing a temper tantrum in a foreign country and embarrassing the United States?  Nobody.

A white boy went into a black church and killed several black church members.  Our President called it a racist act.  A black man killed some white people and our President said it was one more example that we need more gun control.  Who is holding our President accountable for his one-sided view?  Once more, nobody.

Al Sharpton moves from incident to incident stirring up the masses.  Then he walks away and ignores the rioting and pillaging in his wake.  But, he invokes the name of the Reverend Martin Luther King, so that means Sharpton wants "peaceful" resistance does it not?  Uh, uh.  Reverend King wanted peaceful resolution.  Where is the accountability for Al Sharpton?

Celebrities, white and black demonstrated for the Civil Rights movement from the beginning.  Where are black celebrities when we need them to demonstrate for peace now?  Who is telling them they should do the right thing?  Not the political correctness police, that's for sure!

All you political correctness buffs out there have all those demonstrators so stirred up that they travel hundreds of miles to pillage and burn these days.  Ask the Ferguson police how many arrests they had to make of people from other parts of the country this summer.

Let me tell you about racism and bigotry folks!  Take, for instance, the bigoted "eedgit" that drove across half of Missouri to "kill him some Jews".  The jury just sentenced Frasier Glenn Cross to death for killing three white Christians who happened to be in front of Jewish institutions.  That man is a bigot.

The black man who shot a cop in the back of the head for standing at a gas pump  --  that man is a bigot. 

Anyone who takes out his wrath on an innocent bystander, whether black or white, Asian or Hispanic, is a bigot.  He/she is striking out at everyone in sight for wrongs (real or imagined) that he perceives have happened to him.  That's bigotry.

But where are the political correctness police when the white folk need them?  Well, they are out blindly protecting the color of one skin or another against this "evil" white world in which we live.

And who is holding the dark skinned perpetrators accountable?  In fact, who is holding the political correctness police accountable?

Not a soul it seems.

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