Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How Dare You?

I've heard a couple of people recently say that people who want the amendment that gives us the right to bear arms upheld are the same people who don't trust the United States government.  One of these had very high status.  How dare the two of you or anyone else devalue what we believe by likening us to the militant lunatic fringe of this or any other country.  So, we don't believe like you?   What kind of lunatic fringe are you?  If we are casting aspersions at people who disagree with us, we can do it too.

Are you saying that all members of the IRA, the main organization upholding this constitutional right, are distrustful of the government?  Are you stating that all conservative Republicans don't like the government?  Even the ones in Congress?  The Democrats that own guns as well?  How about the hunters?  So we don't believe like you?  The constitution only applies to the likes of you?  The whole government and the country belong to you only?  And don't give me the crap that the people who negotiated the Bill of Rights and the Constitution meant that only the military should bear the arms.  I've done enough research on the topic and published an article that disputes that claim.  You should read it sometime.  In fact, maybe you should read all my blogs. 

Yes, I'm angry.  I ought to be.  Just a curiosity if you will bear with me.  I know, you like to quote your experts.  But do you know that you can get a team of experts to quote you stats that support about any stance on any subject?  I know that because I've been trained in research, and for that matter I even had a course in advertising.  Did you choose a smattering of experts from all sides of the opinions, or did you just find the ones that support your side?

I shall reiterate that we do not have a gun issue in this country.  We have a mental health issue.  We need to begin intervention with preschoolers and end it with the grave, because the insurance programs, the school districts, the military, and just about every other institution we have prefers to stick their heads in the sand and hide from the pure plain truth.  They don't want to support mental health issues financially.  Being mentally fit will cost plenty.

How dare you blame people who want to keep the right to protect themselves, when so much of the trauma in our country is caused by criminals and the mentally ill!  Get yourself out of denial.

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