Saturday, October 24, 2015

You Don't Say!

Really, Mr. Vice President, if it walks like an enemy, talks like an enemy and acts like an enemy, it must surely be an enemy.  After the way Republicans have been treating former Secretary of State Clinton for around a decade, as well as her husband before her, I cannot believe you would say Republicans are not her enemies.

Perhaps you classify all the attacks they have made as simple politics.  If so, they have made them with great relish.  And they have lied and misrepresented facts in volume and circulated the trash to their gullible constituents who eagerly embrace it all.  We have the richest of rich sewing trash to their blue collar base and the base acting as though it is Biblical truth.

I'm sure politics has always been an ugly business, but beginning around the time of the Watergate break in, the Republican Party started on the fast track to a new moral low.  I know, I know!  The Democrats are not squeaky clean either, but they haven't quite stooped to the Republican level of disgusting behavior.

Would that both sides would "clean up their act", "straighten up and fly right" . . . behave in a Christian manner toward each other.  It isn't necessary to attack each other to win.  Just develop the best platform you can that shows both compassion toward the poor at the same time it cuts waste from necessary programs.  Remember the $100 hammers?

And you, the Republicans, wasted over four million dollars more on an eighth investigation into the same tragedy?  Don't you ever listen to the news reports?  A military leader assigned to the area at the time of the attack said there was not time for a military intervention.  It would have taken four days of preparation to get there.

But you guys have the nerve, after this kind of waste, to threaten more cuts to Social Security and Medicare?  You don't say!

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