Monday, November 17, 2014

Change -- In A Pig's Eye

The November 17, 2014,  Time Magazine cover features Mitch McConnell with the word Change.  Well, it wasn't even that date before it became apparent I could already tell you "in a pig's eye" to that.  You say Mitch McConnell undercutting the President's every move (U. S.- China Agreement) is change?  Sounds like same ol', same ol' to me.  Or are you suggesting that talking of repealing parts of the Affordable Health Care Act is change?  Hardly.  Maybe you mean exploiting Hispanics for their votes while talking about extreme border security measures is Change?  Think again  --  or maybe I should say, think for a change.

Then we have more and more threats about Social Security.  One man is saying he wants to dispel the notion that there is an actual fund set aside for Seniors.  He says there is not.  Well, why the h e double hockey sticks isn't there?  Why did Congress elect to spend our money on pork instead of investing it wisely and letting it sit and grow until we retired?  If you were such poor stewards of our dollars, perhaps you will just have to keep funding it (along with COLAs) until we all croak.  In addition, why don't you investigate what Warren Buffet is quoted as saying when they advertise that a $40 investment can turn people into millionaires?  Why not let Mr. Buffet show our Congressmen how to do what they should have been doing ever since the inception of the fund?  Oh, yes, how could I forget?  We the people don't count!  The only ones who are important are the rich and Congress.  Still no change visible.

Robert Reich is calling for repairing our infrastructure which would create direct jobs (actually working on roads and bridges) and indirect jobs (supplying and serving the construction companies and the workers).  The "Teapartiers" are still yelling cut spending.  More Change?  Unh huhhhhh.

Then we have the dumb, dumb (Jonathan Gruber) going around saying that the reason we have the Affordable Health Care Act is because the American people are stupid.  Oh really!  I don't remember the American people voting one way or another on that issue.  I guess he, the man who helped his State formulate their plan  --  the plan used as a guideline for the national program  --  and the man who took $400,000 for consulting on Obamacare  --  must be one of the most stupid of all.  Or maybe he is referring to Congress and the President who actually wrote, voted for and signed the Act into law. 

A word to the wise out there.  You better be careful what you take away from that act.  If you take away Affordable health care for all, or if you let insurance companies go back to insuring us until we need health care and then canceling us; or if you take away care from people who were born with illnesses; or if you do anything to sabotage Americans from receiving medical treatment, then maybe all of us stupid Americans would get smart enough to send your behinds packing in 2016.  Now that would be real change.

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