Sunday, November 9, 2014

Oh Sigh, Here We Go Again

"Here are some handy little tips for those of you who don't want to fall victim to deadly officer shootings.  Do as you are told.  Don't talk back.  Don't be rude or belligerent.  Don't try to escape . . ."
Spoken by Kinsey Millhone, a character in V Is For Vengeance, a mystery by Sue Grafton.

You think?  Thank you Ms. Grafton for your words of wisdom.  I wish every American could find time to read your work.  Instead, many have been poised around Ferguson, Missouri off and on for months now. They are awaiting the opportunity to pitch another tantrum, and pillage and burn with no care as to what really happened or who was at fault.

You assume the demonstrations will be peaceful if the ruling comes down on the side of the police officer?  I doubt it.  They've been "peacefully" demonstrating for several months now.  But here we go again.  They are collecting up.  Travon Martin's Dad is so fearful of it that he was asking them for no violence.  He and his wife seem like very good people.

Time after time after time the family swears their child is perfect.  Some are almost ready for sainthood they are so openly revered.  The ones with drug or criminal histories are just getting their lives back together.  Sometimes this is even true.  But often, grieving parents are in denial of their children's behaviors.  They want to remember the good times and to strike out at anyone who defended themselves against the deceased person's violent behaviors.

In case of the Ferguson, Missouri, situation, there were serious mistakes made on both sides.  The victim brought a reaction on himself, but the police officer overacted after the fact.  His adrenaline was sparked by resistance, and he did not get it back down before he committed a tragic act that can never be overcome.  This time, we have video showing that this young man was a bully and seemed high on something, even if only his own adrenaline that day.

But police officers now are supposed to be perfect . . . to know no fear . . . to kiss the royal butts of all offenders even those who bully them . . . to ignore self destructive behavior . . . to risk their lives, even for the most violent ones.  Get real.  As Ms. Grafton says through Kinsey Millhone's voice, do not behave in a belligerent manner.  You are asking for tragedy when you do.

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