Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Voted Early

The last two elections I've voted early.  This election my vote was all over the place -- Democrats, an Independent and even a Republican.  Shhh, don't tell anyone!  Yes, I voted for the Republican who has shown himself to be steady, reliable, available to constituents and eager to serve.  He seems even to have a brain in his head.  This appears far preferable to his opponent whose attack ad was frivolous and who appears to be poster person for blonde airheads everywhere.

One message my vote is sending this time is we don't appreciate attack ads.  Show us what your credentials are  --  education, experience, awards, goals.  In other words give us your resume.  If you have held office before, tell us how you voted and what you think.  Don't attack your opponent.  That negativity does not tell us what you can and are willing to do for us and our country.

Twice this campaign season, I've been sent partial quotes which framed a candidate very badly.  When the whole quote was looked up on urban legend sites, it was apparent some vicious, evil political strategist was hoping Americans were too dumb to research the comments.  Unfortunately, some of us may not do the research and then will place our votes believing lies, half truths, and downright evil things that are being done to candidates.

It is also important, I believe, to thank political strategists for getting information out about their candidates this year.  Last election, there was a candidate for the House of Representatives I had never heard a word about before casting my vote.  This time, my mailbox was full of advertisements --  sometimes multiple ads for the same candidates on the same day.

Congratulations to all politicians who spoke only the truth as they perceive it and who avoided negative advertising.  And a thousand shames upon every one of you who took people's innocent and informative words out of context and distorted them to make your opponents look bad.

A thousand shames upon you . . .

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