Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Not Our Grandsons

In Loving Memory of My Grandson
Scott Joseph Romano
November 21, 1986 to June 23, 2010
To All the American Men and Women Who Lost Their Lives in Afghanistan and Iraq
and especially to
The 22 Veterans per day who take their own lives because they were sent to war and back
without adequate psychological preparation.

In a recent television interview, a correspondent asked an Iraqi soldier what he wanted to see happen in the war with ISIS (ISIL).  His immediate response was that he wanted the United States to fight the war.  Well, how generous of him to want my grandsons to risk their lives for his country.  He is such a noble hero.

So, what is a hero?  According to various and sundry U. S. military officers  -- and John Wayne  --  a hero is someone who is afraid, but fights anyway.  Well where the h e double hockey sticks are the Iraqi heroes? 

We saw a similar attitude during the Arab spring.  Representatives of various countries were jumping off proverbial cliffs and whining for the United States to come and save them. 

The United States government, the United States military and the United States grandsons are not the saviors of the universe.  However many times I write this and however many times my words fall on the deaf ears of Republican Congressmen and our military leaders, the facts remain the same.

We are wasting our resources and, most especially, our grandson's lives on people so barbaric that they cannot even comprehend the wonderful gifts of freedom and democracy that we have offered them.  We no longer have the funding.  We no longer have the responsibility.  We do not have the political atmosphere.  You may not throw away the lives of our children or our children's children on any more lost causes. 

If Iraqis lack the will to stand up for themselves and to fight their own battles, how dare you expect our children to do it for them?

And may the soldier who said he will kill both ISIS and U. S. soldiers meet his personal demise the next time he raises his gun. 

If my own country won't protect the lives of our sons from such situations as this, you are not nearly done hearing from me.

How about putting a real face on this?

Lisa Romano Barnett's photo.

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