Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why Ask A Military Man?

Now, I'm not casting aspersions on the men in our armed forces.  I'm just sayin' --  why ask a general, past or present, if he thinks we should be engaged in hand to hand combat anywhere?  That's like asking him if he needs to breathe.

Most little boys (and some girls) had a handful of toy soldiers at some point in their lives.  But career military men study strategy  . . .  probably have maps of various terrains  . . .  probably move little helmeted men all over the surface . . .  possibly even play Battleship.  Well, maybe some of the less concrete don't need the props, but you can bet they almost salivate at the prospect of really going to war and getting a chance to implement their ideas and plans.  And the best, biggest dreamers are sure success is just around the corner, especially if everyone will let them do it their way.

Now, everybody, including reporters, know that warriors war, and that any one of them can whoop up excuses or justifications for doing so.  Thank you Lord for the saner heads that put on the brakes and even lock them in place. 

What exactly does everyone think the United States will do for money and equipment if China or North Korea or Germany or Japan ever attack our shores as happened in World War II?  After we've pissed it all away fighting Muslims who don't value human life, including their own, where will we get the cash to rearm ourselves?

Then there is the fact that Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., don't really ever have to fight their own wars because other countries are so hell bent on fighting them for them.  Why is it people forget good parenting skills and techniques when dealing with international affairs?  If doing everything for them makes children too dependent, why on earth do we want to make other countries dependent on us.  Sometimes it's better to teach the skills and walk away and let them work it out.  We absolutely should not go back if they are too scared to risk their own lives to save their own people.

Do you dudes really think that China is going to loan us money to fight a war against them?  Duh!

Mr.. McCain, Mr. Graham, etc., etc., etc., quit sparring for war.  Quit threatening boots on the ground over "fraidey" cats who won't fight their own wars.  Start storing up resources and paying off loans so we can fight off a big one on our own turf should we ever have to do so.  And don't forget to protect us from terror at home, or possible aliens from another world.

Think, think, think, what you propose.  These areas are a threat to our security?  Not nearly so much as the warmongers in the military and Congress are.

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