Thursday, June 18, 2015


Why, indeed, God?

As a recording of the Reverend Martin Luther King plays to end the CBS Evening News tonight, June 18, 2015, the camera pans groups of people praying, demonstrating, grieving.  Alone facing the cameras with her back to a group of people collected in grief, a young woman holds a sign.  It's message?  A simple WHY?

Rev. King's words were recorded after the death of four little girls at church.  Their repetition was after the death of nine women and men in our latest shooting, also at church.

I know there is much that we will leave this life without understanding, but I sure could use an answer from the Almighty as to why violence is allowed to take the lives of people who are worshiping Him and the pastors and missionaries who are serving Him.  One would think that these individuals would have the best security He could offer.

Yes.  Why, God, why?

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